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Lines from Erraid

Poems to embrace, a sacred space.


Still, there are

There are places

where life shine even brighter

There are times

when moments reveals themselves.

As universe pearls

as loving memories to embrace.

Eternal flames

that still today

burn with passion, love and intention.

Touch with subtleness,

tender and affection.



Life ask when.

I ask why.

You look at me.

And answer speaks to you.


In infinite worlds

Infinite worlds

merge as one.

Subtle ones,

touch the sky.

Your world is mine.

Mine us yours.

We are but one,

in infinite worlds.


One day

One day the fear,

will wash away.

One day the shore

will kiss your way.

One day the world,

will undo the harm.

And our heart,

will dance the drum.

Ancient drum of peace.

Ancient drum of you and me,

becoming one whole, unite full dream.



Through the shores of quietness

and the storms of fire.

Through the dance of flames,

and the cradle of waves.

Through the heart and the unknown,

and even beyond.

Breathe will be.

Breathe the air.

Breath the land.

Breathe you in.



Step ahead.

Step beyond.

Step above.

Step inside.

Step fully.

Fully you.

Step your love,

and share the way.

We want to listen

your own step.


Once again

Once we were.

Once we shared.

Once we loved,

and then we hated.

But maybe, once again.

What we did,

we can undo.

What we forget,

we can recall.

What we are,

we can become.

Once again.

From hate to love.

And even beyond.

Once again.

Love evermore.


I hear your voice

I hear it while I sleep

I hear it while I dream

I hear it, while I'm awake.

I hear it, and I wish I could understand.

I wish I could learn to talk your way.

To unwrap the meaning of each word.

To reveal the message they conceal.

I hear it.

I hear you.

I hear your voice.

Can you hear my wish?



Mountains above

the path become one.

Mountains below

the ways become one.

Mountains and valleys,

pathways and alleys,

they all share their values.

Their purpose.

Their manner.

They open the door;

they tell us: explore.



Waters of sorrow,

clean our heart.

Waters of the world,

take care of our home.

Waters of the shore,

paint forever more.

With colours of love.

With whispers from love.


The way

The way follows its sway.

The dance in the stage.

The river further away.

They all go.


Into the unknown.

Into the vast still to be known.


Stars may become

Bodies and souls.

They all sing their song.

As people who wander.

They spoke, they talk.

They reach the sky,

following one sun.

Stars may become.

Bodies and souls.

They all sing their song.



Listen to yourself.

Listen to the bird.

Listen to the wind,

and also to the herd.

Herd of sheep.

Waves of light.

Stones of ancient times.

Waters that allow the tides.

Listen to the world.

As all speaks your tongue.

Listen to your heart.

As he knows your part.


Wings of love

Wings of love,

spread across the globe.

Wings of love,

reach up to the sky,

and become our guide.

Wings of love,

we trust, and we hope.

We step and hop,

right into the hole.

Poems and pictures by Ainoa Soler.

Erraid, Isle of Mull, Argyll, Scotland. November 2023

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1 comentario

Ainoa Soler
Ainoa Soler
01 ene

Dear Ainoa

It’s taken me far too long to reply to this email, a beautiful email filled with such loving sentiment. You put perfectly into words my exacts thoughts of everyone on the island. I’m still smiling and warm inside when I think of our wonderful time there altogether and the enriching experience that it was. You and Jordi are such a wonderful couple - so beautiful together, both in looks and soul. You just shine together and it radiates to everyone around you. So special!!

I’m finally replying because I want to wish you both a year full of joy and happiness ahead in 2024. Happiest of New Years when it comes lovelies.

Sending love and best wishes


Me gusta
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