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Let's fun together!!!


When: Saturday 8th of June, 2024

Hour: from 10:00a.m. to

Where: EasyTalk English School (Centre Comercial de Mirasol, Sant Cugat)

With: Ainoa Soler (

Recommended ages to attend: from 6 to 12 years old

Come and join us for our fun and creative workshop: ART & MORE!

Have you ever thought about the connection between art and language? 

Between words, movement, music and colour?

Together, we will explore the meaning of expression, communication, language and creativity.

Sometimes the first need we have as humans, is to be understood.

To feel that our feelings, emotions, ideas and contributions, are understood.

But, how can art and language, help us to achieve this goal?

Can we really tap into our human ability to create and to use language, and to use it at will?

Along this fun workshop, we will embark into a journey to understand, in order to feel understood.

Would you like to join us?

We wait for you the Saturday 8th of June to join us and enjoy this special session in which we can play with our artist side!

We would love you to come with your friends, sisters and brothers! 

Let's fun all together.

Book your place at:


This workshop is possible thanks to the collaboration between EasyTalk Mirasol and Ainoa Soler.

If you wish to know more about either of them, you can check the following links:



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